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Wendy (Weihsiun) Hung

Wendy (Weihsiun) Hung / Director of Corporate Strategy

Wendy's passion lies in helping others to reach their maximum potential with whatever goals they have in mind. She is excited to partner with Level Group and its many sales professionals to teach and guide them, helping them to discover an internal passion for rapidly growing their business. She accomplishes this via a systematic exploration of many different strategies, with a focus on maximizing the potential of each person and creating a shift in their lives which, ultimately, results in powerful breakthroughs, improved performance, job satisfaction, and a reliable structure for ongoing success and internal fulfillment.

Wendy graduated from Stony Brook University with a B.S. degree in Computer Science and Applied Math and Statistics. Her career has involved many different entrepreneurial pursuits, including a 7-year background in technology consulting and delivering custom solutions to SMEs. Prior to that, she worked for Citigroup for 4 years, delivering innovative applications.

Originally born in Taiwan, Wendy enjoys travelling the world, having lived previously in Taipei, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. She is fluent in both English and Mandarin. Currently she lives in New York City where she enjoys playing competitive billiards and adventurous dining in the hundreds of NYC's many amazing restaurants.

Wendy looks forward to connecting with you, bringing her passion and commitment to helping anyone who wants to achieve success, excellence and fulfillment in their business and personal lives.

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