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Seller's Guide

Why Use an Exclusive Broker?  -  Reponsibility & Focus are Key

The challenges of effectively marketing your property are complex, numerous and time consuming.  Using the services of a good broker is essential if you wish to effectively navigate these challenges in order to achieve your property’s maximum price.  Our agents are active in the market on a DAILY basis, constantly staying in touch with pricing and marketing trends and conditions.
You should use a qualified and experienced Exclusive Agent for a number of reasons:

  • A good agent will save you time and energy – Marketing is the Agent’s JOB! – Most people severely underestimate the time and energy required to market their home.  Planning, advertising, answering phone calls and questions, screening and qualifying buyers, coordinating between buyer’s brokers and attorneys, negotiating and advising – all these tasks are transferred from you to your agent.

  • Inexperienced sellers often lead to under pricing – Many investors look specifically for homes For Sale By Owner (FSBO) since they are often priced by owners unsure of the current market prices.  Good agents know the market and are motivated to get you the highest price possible since their commission is a percentage of the sales price.  Your agent should be able to provide you with a comparative market analysis for your home to demonstrate a proper initial asking price.

  • Only a good agent can properly expose your property – You need to use a good agent to develop a sophisticated and consistent marketing plan and expose your property to the broadest range of buyers.  Agents have access to sales channels not available to individual owners such as the On-Line Residential listing database, REBNY’s universal co-brokerage, and broker to broker email blasts.  Our agents are all members of REBNY and will immediately make an offer to share or “co-broke” your property with thousands of other REBNY members.

  • An agent will act as a buffer – One unanticipated aspect of selling your property yourself is that you are required to negotiate the price and other terms with the buyer directly, requiring you to be simultaneously nice and aggressive with potential buyers.  An agent will act a buffer, communicating your needs and wishes in a kind but tough manner allowing for a more aggressive and less personal negotiation.

  • An agent will help educate you on the market – Most sellers are active in the market only rarely.  Agents are active in the market DAILY.  They can help you understand current conditions and a variety of other market factors.  They will develop a marketing plan, help lead you through the selling process and keep you informed about market and pricing trends that affect your sale.

  • A good agent will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best terms possible -- Your agent has a fiduciary duty only to YOU, requiring them to effectively represent your interests and negotiate on your behalf.  A good agent thoroughly understands the home selling process and knows how to negotiate for the best terms which could end up saving you thousands of dollars. When prospect buyers want to talk price, terms or other matters, let them speak to your personal real estate expert.

  • An agent will serve as a filter – You will deal with only ONE person.  When trying to sell your home on your own, you will be contacted by literally DOZENS of people including other agents and potential buyers.  Hiring an exclusive agent means that no other agents will call you and if they do, give them your Agent’s number!