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Renter's Guide

Why Use a Broker?  -  The Importance of a Good Rental Agent
The competitive nature of renting an apartment in New York City requires that you stay one step ahead at all times.  The best way to do this is with the help and advice of an experienced agent.  This person knows the market, knows the neighborhoods and will give you the edge you need to get the home you want.
You should use a qualified and experienced Rental Agent for a number of reasons:

  • ·   A good Agent will help educate you on the market – Most renters are active in the market only rarely. Agents are active in the market DAILY. They can help you understand current conditions, availability, pricing and a variety of other market factors.
  • ·   A good Agent will help you find an apartment – They have contacts and resources not available to the general public.
  • ·   A good Agent knows what is required to secure your apartment – They know the neighborhoods, buildings and landlords and know the requirements of each one. 
  • ·   A good Agent will save you time and energy – Finding you an apartment is their JOB! A good agent will organize your search, inform you about new listings and open houses and set up appointments. 
  • ·   A good Agent will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best terms possible. 
  • ·   On 'No Fee" listings, a good Agent is available at NO COST TO YOU! -  Compensation for "no fee" apartments are often paid partially or entirely by the landlord and is therefore costs you nothing. 
  • ·   A good Agent will serve as a filter – you will deal with only ONE person instead of dozens. No other agents will call you and if they do, give them your Agent’s number!
  • ·   A good Agent will represent your interests. Your agent will be representing your interests and they will be focused on getting you the best possible deal.