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Woodside Apartments

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Woodside Apartments

Woodside Real Estate

Woodside apartments provide an economical option for New York City residents. This Queens neighborhood is located on the western side of the borough giving its residents a fairly simple commute into Manhattan. More specifically, Woodside consists of the area south of Astoria, east of Sunnyside and north of Maspeth. Although the town doesn’t consist of much square mileage, there are currently over 88,000 residents living in Woodside.

Woodside is comprised of the typical Queens mid- and low-rise brownstone buildings. However, on the northern side of town, one will find a small section of real estate that offers two-story homes, most of which have driveways and yards. Due to Woodside’s high density population, this neighborhood has been able to maintain fairly affordable housing options. Even though the rents in Woodside remain less expensive than its neighbors, Astoria and Maspeth, residents still have the same access to a quick commute into Manhattan. Commuters have the option of taking the 7, E, F, M or R subway lines, the Long Island Railroad, or the Q60 and Q32 buses for a 20 minute commute into midtown.

Once being a highly populated Irish community, Woodside still offers plenty of pubs and Irish restaurants even though the neighborhood has become highly diverse over the past twenty years. Along with these establishments, Woodside is also famous for its numerous fairs and festivals, including its annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Puerto Rican Day Parade and an Independence Day Street Fair. In addition, Sripraphai, a popular Thai restaurant in the area, attracts some of the biggest food lovers in New York City.

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Woodside Homes

The Massachusetts (72-10 41st Avenue) – A post-war elevator building with available parking.
44-14 47th Avenue – A post-war 6-story elevator building with available on-site parking.
39-25 65th Street – A 4-story walk up building with 90 units each complete with hardwood floors.
41-45 52nd Street - A 6-story elevator building built in the mid-nineteenth century.
47-06 46th Street – A low-rise elevator building providing an on-site superintendent.

Woodside Map

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