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Ridgewood Apartments

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Ridgewood Apartments

Ridgewood Real Estate

Ridgewood apartments offer its residents the opportunity to stay close to Manhattan while giving them the subdued living environment that is tough to find in the city. Ridgewood is located directly along the southwest border of Queens being bounded by Maspeth in the north, Middle Village in the east and Glendale in the South. Over the years, Ridgewood has become a quiet living environment for many individuals and families.

Ridgewood is mostly comprised of brick and stone low-rise buildings. The rents and the prices of homes are much more affordable here as compared to the other boroughs, making it a great place for people who want to live inexpensively. Most of the houses in Ridgewood were built in the 1920’s giving them a distinct architectural look, which actually helps set the neighborhood apart from its neighboring towns.

Ridgewood, being the original home to the Brooklyn Bridegrooms (later the Brooklyn Dodgers), was once and still is a popular area for European immigrants. This quality has shaped Ridgewood into a culturally diverse environment, where one can walk down the tree-lined 68th Street and see restaurants and shops representing numerous ethnicities. Most of Ridgewood’s residents can typically be found shopping at the large amount of mom and pop shops alongside Myrtle Avenue. If these family-run stores are not sufficient, head over to the Metro Mall, where larger department stores and chains sell clothing, home goods and food for various needs.

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