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Rego Park Real Estate

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Rego Park Real Estate

Rego Park Apartments

Rego Park real estate offers its inhabitants a quiet and well maintained living environment. Rego park takes up a small triangular area in central Queens. This neighbor is bounded by three major thoroughfares, Queens Boulevard to the northeast, Yellowstone Boulevard to the southeast and Woodhaven Boulevard to the west. Rego Park has become one of the most ideal places for Queens’ residents to live due to its prominent location and beautiful homes.

In Rego Park one will typically see many old, English-styled Tudor homes along tree lined streets. The majority of these quaint homes were built in the early 1920’s when Rego Park was first built. However, over the years more modern and newly-styled town houses have begun to sprout up along the same streets. The rents of the apartments and condos in Rego Park are higher compared to many of the neighbors throughout Queens, but the prices are still fairly cheaper than one would expect to pay in Manhattan. The demographics in Rego Park are largely diverse like the rest of the borough despite the fact that the neighborhood is less than two square miles and is only home to 40,000 people.

Residents living in Rego Park typically find many ways to keep themselves busy. The neighborhood is home to the Rego Center, which is a four-story shopping complex. The Rego Center features a supermarket, a Toys R Us and multiple department stores, such as Bed Bath and Beyond and Home Depot. Asides from shopping, residents often take full advantage of Rego Park’s easy commute into Manhattan.

Rego Park Apartment Rentals

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Rego Park Condos

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Rego Park Apartment Buildings

The Brussels (98-01 67th Avenue) – A post-war 13-story elevator building providing on-site parking.
The California (64-20 Saunders Street) – A low-rise elevator building with available laundry facilities.
The Marseilles (98-05 67th Avenue) – A mid-nineteenth century elevator building offering 180 units.
The Missouri (64-85 Wetherole Street) – A 6-story elevator building with 56 various apartment units.
Saxon Hall (62-60 99th Street) – A mid-rise doorman elevator building offering a parking garage.
The Washington (63-60 98th Street) – A post-war low-rise elevator building with laundry facilities.

Rego Park Map

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Rego Park Transportation

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