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Long Island City Apartments

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Long Island City Apartments

Long Island City Real Estate

Long Island City apartments offer a great living environment for their residents. Long Island City is conveniently located to the west of the East River on the Queen’s side of the 59th Street Bridge and to the north of the Newtown Creek, which separates Brooklyn from Queens. This is an ideal location for residents commuting into Manhattan on a daily basis because it allows its residents cut down on travel time, while being able to come home and escape the busy Manhattan lifestyle.

Long Island City has become a premier place for New Yorkers to live, since its early days as a predominantly industrial area. The neighborhood offers a large selection of recently built, modern, high- and mid-rise buildings. Although the rental prices have been on the rise for the past couple of years, you can expect to typically receive a high quality apartment, while maintaining an easy commute into Manhattan.

Known for the famous “Silvercup” sign, which can be seen from Manhattan and Queens, Long Island City has become a go-to place for art. This great neighborhood offers multiple art facilities, studios, and museums, including MoMA’s PS1, which is well-known for its contemporary art showcases. If art isn’t your thing, then you will have no problem staying busy at Long Island City’s Water Taxi Beach, which offers movies, concerts, a bar and a great view of Manhattan’s skyline. Whether you’re a culture enthusiast or just looking to get more involved with new activities, living in a Long Island City apartment will definitely keep you busy.

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Apartments In Long Island City

Avalon Riverview (2-01 50th Avenue) – A 32-story concierge building offering parking garage.
East Coast (4720 Center Boulevard) – A high-rise tower providing residents with valet services.
The Arris (27-28 Thompson Avenue) – An 8-story apartment building with a fitness center.
Crescent Club (41-17 Crescent Street) – A modern elevator condo building offering on-site parking.
The Galaxy (5-03 50th Avenue) – A modern 5-story walk-up building with a rooftop terrace.

Long Island City Map

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Long Island City Transportation

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