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Kingsbridge Apartments

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Kingsbridge Apartments

Kingsbridge Homes

Kingsbridge apartments offer residents convenient living options with most of the neighborhood being walkable. The neighborhood of Kingsbridge is south of Van Cortlandt Park, north of West 230th Street, east of Irwin Avenue and west of the Major Deegan Expressway. Kingsbridge Heights, which is on the other side of the Major Deegan Expressway, has a similar name, but is technically considered a different neighborhood. The name for both areas is derived from The King’s Bridge, which was built in the late 1600s by Frederick Philipse.

More than 10,000 people live in Kingsbridge. It used to be a predominantly Irish neighborhood, but now it contains a variety of different ethnicities. Kingsbridge residents appreciate their ability to walk mostly everywhere they want within the area; however, the 1 subway and multiple buses service this part of the Bronx as well. Located in Kingsbridge is Manhattan College, which operates a public park called Gaelic Park. Kingsbridge is connected to Riverdale, an affluent Bronx neighborhood to the west, by what is known as a “step street,” which is essentially a staircase that allows pedestrians to get from one neighborhood to the other.

Kingsbridge Heights has over 35,000 people living there. This area has an assortment of different property types, including detached homes, tenement buildings and luxury apartment buildings. Also located in Kingsbridge Heights is the former Jerome Park Racetrack, which in 1906 became the Jerome Park Reservoir. This reservoir serves as part of the water Supply for the New York City area.

Kingsbridge Property

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Kingsbridge Apartment Buildings

2735 Sedgwick Avenue - A low-rise building containing 30 one-bedroom units and an elevator.
2741 Sedgwick Avenue - A building that has one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom units.
2747 Sedgwick Avenue - A 5-story building with 124 one-bedroom units and an elevator.
2765 Kingsbridge Terrace - A low-rise building with 75 apartment units, an elevator and hardwood floors.
3605 Kingsbridge Avenue - An apartment building containing 66 units and an elevator.
The Bentley (3880 Orloff Avenue) - A mid-rise building with 101 units complete with laundry facilities.

Kingsbridge Heights Apartment Buildings

104 West 190th Street - A low-rise building that has 20 three-bedroom apartment units.
2 Minerva Place - A building containing 51 studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units.
2698 Bailey Avenue - A low-rise building with 71 one-bedroom units and an elevator.

Kingsbridge Map

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Kingsbridge Heights Map

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Kingsbridge / Kingsbridge Heights Transportation

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