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Inwood Apartments

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Inwood Apartments

Inwood Real Estate

Inwood apartments provide a serene environment without ever having to leave Manhattan. Inwood is located on the northern-most part of Manhattan, directly in between the Harlem River and the Hudson River. The neighborhood is bounded by Fairview Avenue on the south, which separates Inwood from Washington Heights. Many of the residents claim that Inwood can feel secluded from the rest of the city because of its hilly geography and water boundary on three sides. This has made the neighborhood very popular among New Yorkers, allowing them to take a break from the busy lifestyle that the rest of Manhattan offers.

Inwood is typically comprised of numerous low- and mid-rise apartment buildings, with the exception of a few higher-priced co-ops and private homes located on the west side of the neighborhood. Real estate prices in Inwood have remained fairly modest, despite the sudden increase in prices in adjacent neighborhoods. Due to these fairly low real estate prices, Inwood has a huge draw to artists, actors and young professionals.

Inwood Hill Park has become one of the most popular attractions in the neighborhood. The 196-acre park offers scenic views of both the Hudson and Harlem Rivers, the Henry Hudson Bridge and various parts of New Jersey. The park also offers Inwood residents many athletic fields, biking and hiking trails, and designated barbeque areas. Inwood Hill Park is also home to Columbia University’s athletic fields, including the Lawrence A. Wien Football Stadium. The stadium has been noted by Sports Illustrated as “the most beautiful place in the country to watch a football game.”

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Inwood Apartment Buildings

222 Seaman Avenue - A low-rise walk-up building offering laundry facilities.
97 Ellwood Street - A 5-story walk-up building which was build in the mid 1920's.
686 West 204th Street - A low-rise elevator building with 48 units.
2 Ellwood Street - A 6-floor elevator building with 150 1-bedroom units.

Inwood Map

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Inwood Transportation

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