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Hudson Heights Apartments

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Hudson Heights Apartments

Hudson Heights Real Estate

Hudson Heights apartments provide its residents with an ideal living environment at very economical prices. Hudson Heights is located in upper Manhattan and is considered by many to be a subsection of Washington Heights. The neighborhood is more specifically bounded by the Hudson River on its west, Broadway on its east, 173rd Street on the south and Fort Tryon Park on the North. This largely diverse neighborhood is one of the most residential neighborhoods in Manhattan, having very little commercial property.

Hudson Heights has become an up and coming area over the past ten years. The name Hudson Heights was recently coined to represent its change in lifestyle and make it appear to be a brand new neighborhood. This section of the city is very diverse with residents representing many nationalities and all walks of life. However, housing options are a little less diverse, with coops and apartments being the primary living options here. Since this is a relatively “new” neighborhood, housing prices have typically been much more affordable for the average New Yorker.

As a largely residential area, Hudson Heights is relatively thin on entertainment and dining options. Regardless, many residents enjoy the nice quiet nights away from the busy city atmosphere, frequenting the few local bars and restaurants the neighborhood offers. Being located in upper Manhattan, residents typically take full advantage of the easy 20 minute commute to Midtown (by express public transportation), where nightlife and entertainment is at a surplus. Hudson Heights residents have the opportunity to experience everything that New York has to offer, while living in a quieter part of town.

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2 Bed  |  1 Bath