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Greenpoint Apartments

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Greenpoint Apartments

Greenpoint Real Estate

Greenpoint apartments offer something for everyone from standard boxed bedrooms in walkup buildings to post industrial artist lofts in former factories. Greenpoint is the northern most neighborhood of Brooklyn, with Williamsburg just to the south and Long Island City in Queens just across the Newtown Creek to the north. Access to Greenpoint is primarily via the G Train, which used to inspire dread for its poor service but now runs well on a tighter schedule.

An interesting aspect of Greenpoint streets is that the east-west streets run alphabetically, starting from Ash Street, then Box Street, then Clay Street and so on, all the way down the alphabet to Milton Street and Oak Street. The main shopping street is Manhattan Avenue with a mix of restaurants, bakeries, banks, groceries and 99-cent stores, including The Garden, an organic market that is like a mini Whole Foods at half the price. Food shopping can also be done weekly at the McCarren Park Farmer’s Market for locally sourced organic fare. Franklin Street is slowly being returned to its former glory as a main shopping street with numerous indie clothing boutiques and restaurants popping up regularly. Kent Street between Franklin Street and Manhattan Avenue is one of the nicest blocks in all of North Brooklyn containing the former brick and brownstone homes of sea captains and merchants from 150 years ago.

Greenpoint overall has a young urban edge but still contains a good cross section of young and old, including artists, designers, retirees and hipsters that may have been transplanted from Williamsburg or the East Village. The population of Greenpoint includes a large Polish community and it’s easy to get excellent polish food including kielbasa and perogis.

Greenpoint rental apartments are slightly cheaper than similar Williamsburg rental apartments, its pricier neighbor to the south. The majority of the buildings are low-rise three to six story walkup buildings and include a number of brightly colored vinyl-sided homes that have branded Greenpoint with a reputation of being a solidly working class community. It is still possible however to find loft apartments and artist lofts in former factory buildings with a gritty industrial feel.

Condo development fever has also hit this neighborhood and Greenpoint Condos are generally a good value at a lower price per square foot. Condominium options in Greenpoint include The Pencil Factory Condos, Canvas Condos, and Belevede Condominiums with many building options around the neighborhood. Greenpoint is a place that you’ll feel right at home.

Greenpoint Brooklyn Apartments

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Greenpoint Brooklyn Real Estate

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Greenpoint Properties

178 India Street - A walk-up building containing 2-bedroom units.
305 McGuinness Boulevard - A low-rise building constructed in 2005 that has 38 units.
118 Greenpoint Avenue - A landmarked, low-rise building with 15 units.
216 Calyer Street - An elevator condo building with 10 units complete with laundry facilities.
The Viridian (110 Green Street) - A condo building that has one-bedroom units, a gym and a pool.

Greenpoint Map

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