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Dumbo Apartments

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Dumbo Apartments

Dumbo Real Estate

Dumbo apartments provide residents with luxury living accommodations situated along the waterfront of downtown Brooklyn. The boundaries of the Historic District include Main Street to the west and Bridge Street to the east, as well as York Street to the south and John Street to the north. The name of the neighborhood is an acronym standing for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass,” as the area is nestled between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges.

Consisting of once inexpensive loft spaces converted from old warehouses and factories, Dumbo has experienced gentrification over the past few decades to become the upscale artistic community that it is today. Most residents of this section of Brooklyn live in these converted industrial loft spaces, although at a much greater expense than in the past. These living spaces typically offer sweeping views of downtown Manhattan and the bridges from which the name of this location is derived from.

Dumbo is a trendy community that thrives on art and the many prominent art galleries located within the area. Over the years, the neighborhood has established a strong artistic presence in Brooklyn, with many artists and young professionals comprising a considerable portion of the population. The Dumbo Art Under the Bridge Festival, as well as Bargemusic, which is a barge that serves as a venue for classical music performances, are two of Dumbo’s most well-known events, maintaining the vitality of art which is central to this waterfront location.

For recreation, many residents enjoy the community’s open spaces, including Fulton Ferry and Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park. These spots offer some of the best unobstructed views of Manhattan, from beneath the two historic bridges bordering this section of Brooklyn. More commercial enterprises exist in Fulton Landing, including local favorites Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and Grimaldi’s, as well as several stores and restaurants. Dumbo is also easily accessible by water taxi or subway, allowing seamless travel outside of the neighborhood for residents to explore the rest of the city.

Dumbo Brooklyn Apartments

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Dumbo Apartment Buildings

62 Water Street - A low-rise building complete with a fitness center and parking.
65 Washington Street - A mid-rise building containing 54 units with a fitness center.
81 Washington Street - A landmarked building constructed in 1914 with 103 apartment units.
99 Gold Street - An apartment building that has 88 units, a 24-hour concierge and a parking garage.
Bridgeview Tower (189 Bridge Street) - A mid-rise building with 59 apartment units.
70 Washington Street - A landmarked condo building built in 1916 containing 259 units.
Beacon Tower (85 Adams Street) - A high-rise condo building constructed in 2006 that has 79 units.
J Condominium (100 Jay Street) - Contains 267 condo units complete with a 24-hour doorman.

Dumbo Map

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