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Canarsie Apartments

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Canarsie Apartments

Canarsie Real Estate

Canarsie apartments offer its residents a peaceful suburban environment. The borders of this neighborhood include Linden Boulevard to the north, Jamaica Bay to the south, Remsen Avenue and Ralph Avenue to the west and the Fresh Creek Basin, East 18th street and the L subway line to the east. There are approximately 96,000 people residing in Canarsie today.

Canarsie gets its name from the phonetic pronunciation for the word “fort” in the Lenape language. The Lenape Native Americans, who infamously sold the Island of Manhattan to the Europeans, once inhabited this land. In the 1920s, many Italian and Jewish people were living in the area. However, today a lot of people from the West Indies are living in Canarsie.

Canarsie used to be a popular fishing village because of the Canarsie Pier, which is located in Jamaica Bay. The ferry service that was once available at the Canarsie Pier stopped when the Marine Parkway Bridge, which connects Brooklyn with Queens, was built. Today, the pier is primarily used for recreational fishing. There is also a playground for children to play in and of course benches for people who want to spend some time outdoors getting fresh air. Not too far from Canarsie Pier, is Canarsie Park, which has basketball and tennis courts as well as baseball and soccer fields.

The greenest part of Canarsie is located in the northeast section, where one can find a number of detached homes and a calm, peaceful environment. The eastern part of Canarsie has small, quaint brick houses. This section of the neighborhood is a little busier because it contains the main streets of Canarsie and a shopping strip on Rockaway Parkway. Canarsie is easily accessible to Manhattan via the L subway line.

Canarsie Apartments For Rent

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Apartments In Canarsie Brooklyn

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Canarsie Apartment Buildings

55 West Merritt Boulevard - A building containing studio units that is pet friendly and has laundry facilities.
1101 East 80th Street - A townhome with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.
1407 Rockaway Parkway - A recently renovated building with hardwood floors.
1625 Rockaway Parkway - An apartment building containing one-bedroom units.

Canarsie Map

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