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Bensonhurst Apartments

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Bensonhurst Apartments

Bensonhurst Real Estate

Bensonhurst apartments offer an exciting, community-oriented place to live. The borders of this area include Borough Park to the north, Bath Beach to the southwest, Dyker Heights to the west and Midwood to the east. Bensonhurst gets its name from Arthur W. Benson, who began purchasing the land that is now Bensonhurst back in the mid 1800s.

Bensonhurst began as a community with mostly Italian and Jewish people, which gradually transitioned to a predominantly Italian-American population. However, the neighborhood has developed into a more ethnically diverse area over the years. Regardless, with approximately 20,000 Italians still living there, Bensonhurst is known as “Brooklyn’s Little Italy.” Every year, towards the end of the summer, thousands of people head there for the Festa di Santa Rosalia, otherwise known as the 18th Avenue Feast, which is hosted by the local residents.

There are a number of good eats located in Bensonhurst. For a flavor-filled sandwich, check out Lioni Heroes, which has over 150 sandwiches on its menu. Those who have a sweet tooth can head over to the Mona Lisa Pastry Shoppe, which is said to have one of the best cheesecakes in New York City. Seafood lovers can visit the Sea Breeze Fish Market, a popular Sicilian establishment that sells some of the freshest fish in all of Brooklyn. For dim sum, some consider World Tong to be one of the best in New York City, while someone looking for a quality neighborhood Italian spot can check out Tommaso's.

Bensonhurst Apartments For Rent

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Bensonhurst Condos

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Bensonhurst Apartment Buildings

The Delaware (7705 Bay Parkway) - A building built in 1953 containing 62 units with laundry facilities.
The Eden Rock (1869 83rd Street) - A apartment building with 83 units complete with a parking garage.
The National 8301 (8301 Bay Parkway) - A low-rise apartment building built in 1928 containing 94 units.
The Oxford (288 Bay 38th Street) - A low-rise building with 140 units and laundry facilities.
Quentin Terrace (101 Quentin Road) - A mid-rise condo building with 32 units.

Bensonhurst Map

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Bensonhurst Transportation

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