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Bedford Stuyvesant Real Estate

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Bedford Stuyvesant Real Estate

Bedford Stuyvesant Apartments

Bedford Stuyvesant real estate offers people a variety of affordable housing options with elegant architecture and beautiful street views. The neighborhood consists of the area south of Williamsburg, east of Clinton Hill, west of Bushwick and East New York and north of Crown Heights. It is bounded by Classon Avenue to the west, Broadway and Van Sinderen Avenue to the east, Flushing Avenue to the north and Atlantic Avenue to the south.

People can find lots of splendid brownstones and other housing properties that are much less expensive than those in other areas of the city. There are also many magnificent landmarks built here such as the Alhambra Apartments, offering an exquisite view of a vast green space decorated with beautiful trees. In addition, Bedford Stuyvesant has a large transportation network with access to the Long Island Rail Road, Franklin Avenue Shuttle and 6 subway lines, making people’s commutes very convenient.

Inhabitants here are proud of the community’s social and cultural diversity. The Billie Holiday theatre and Skylight Gallery provide people with enjoyable arts and music, attracting many vibrant artists and young professionals to settle or work here. Restaurants and food stores offer a variety of great foods such as Caribbean, soul food, vegetarian fare and tamer dishes. Occasionally, there are poetry readings or local band performances at the restaurants. The local bars on Atlantic Avenue have also hosted some terrific game nights during the neighborhood’s history. In addition, Bedford Stuyvesant holds the annual International African Arts Festival, presenting the best African Arts, crafts and performances to visitors and community members.

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