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Bayside Real Estate

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Bayside Real Estate

Bayside Apartments

Bayside real estate provides its occupants with a beautifully well-kept neighborhood to call “home”. Bayside sits perfectly along the Long Island Sound and is bordered by Francis Lewis Boulevard / Utopia Parkway on its west, the Grand Central Parkway on its south and the Cross Island Parkway on its north, making it very easy to commute in and out of the city. In 2005, Bayside was ranked as one of CNN Money’s Best Places to Live.

Being called one of the “Best Places to Live”, it is no surprise that real estate prices happen to be a bit higher than the New York City average. In Bayside, one will typically find single-family homes varying in size and style. However, within the past few years, the neighborhood has begun to see a large increase in the demand for luxury apartments, condos and co-ops. Along with multiple housing options, Bayside has been cited by The Village Voice as one of the safest neighborhoods in New York City, with crime rates that continue to steadily decline.

Bayside provides many activities to keep its 80,000 residents frequently busy. There are currently five parks within Bayside, including Alley Pond Park, which is the second largest public park in all of Queens. Bell Boulevard has become the go-to place in Bayside for both nightlife and shopping. During the day, the streets are packed with cars and residents shopping at the quaint mom-and-pop stores as well as the Bay Terrace mall. At night, the shops close and the bars, restaurants and lounges start filling as residents return to the neighborhood from work.

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Bayside NY Real Estate

Bayside Gables – A privately-owned gated community filled with numerous mansions. Bayside Gables is located in the northern part of Bayside with houses facing the Long Island Sound.
Bayside Hills – A development-styled housing community located in central Bayside, bounded by Springfield Blvd on the east, 48th Avenue on the north, 211th Street on the west and the L.I.E. on the south.
Bay Terrace – A mix of high- and mid-rise garden apartment buildings located in the most northern part of Bayside, adjacent to the Bay Terrace Mall.
Bay Club – A high-rise apartment complex, offering a swimming and fitness club for all of its residents. The Bay Club is located in northeast Bayside on 23rd Ave, between Bell Blvd and Corporal Kennedy Street.
Oakland Gardens – A neighborhood within Bayside located directly in between Alley Pond Park and Cunningham Park. Oakland Gardens is also the home to Queensborough Community College.

Bayside Map

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Bayside Transportation

LIRR (Bell Blvd & 41st Street)

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