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Bay Ridge Real Estate

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Bay Ridge Real Estate

Bay Ridge Apartments

Bay Ridge real estate offers people quaint living on a beautiful waterfront. Its boundaries include Sunset Park on the north, Fort Hamilton and 86th Street on the south, the Belt Parkway on the west and Dyker Heights and 7th Avenue on the east. This neighborhood is well-known for the 1977 John Travolta film, Saturday Night Fever.

Bay Ridge was developed in the late 1800s as a peaceful getaway for rich Manhattanites. It quickly became an attractive place to live due to its large amount of park space and magnificent views of the waterfront. Two mansions that still remain in Bay Ridge are the Farrell House and the Howard E. and Jesse Jones House. They were constructed in 1847 and 1916, respectively, and are both landmarked buildings. In addition to these historical edifices, residents of Bay Ridge can also visit the 69th Street Pier, where a lot of fishermen can be found. Another interesting aspect of the area is the presence of “step streets,” which are pedestrian walkways comprised of steps that allow pedestrians to easily cross streets that have a lot of vehicle traffic.

In the 1960s, construction began on the Verrazano Bridge, which connects the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn with Staten Island. Although its construction was opposed at first, the Verrazano Bridge has now become the staple way of connecting the two boroughs, since there is no longer a ferry that transports people between Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Education is prevalent in Bay Ridge, as there are a number of public, parochial and private elementary and high schools in the area. Some of the more well-known schools include Fort Hamilton High School, Fontbonne Hall Academy and Xaverian High School. Bay Ridge is easily reached by a number of modes of transportation, including train, bus and car.

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Bay Ridge Apartment Buildings

160 88th Street - A low-rise apartment building built in 1930 with 16 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom units.
The Ridge 7410 (7410 Ridge Boulevard) - A building containing 82 units complete with laundry facilities.
The Ridge 7420 (7420 Ridge Boulevard) - A low-rise apartment building erected in 1930 with 84 units.

Bay Ridge Map

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