Level Group, the residential and commercial brokerage that introduced the 100 percent commission model in New York City, announced that 2016 was a record-busting year for the firm, with over 100 agents joining the agency.



Chief operating officer Michael Barbolla said, “We’re extremely happy to have welcomed so many qualified, entrepreneurial agents to Level Group’s family.

“It’s a credit to the firm that we’ve attracted seasoned agents who are wise in the ways of the New York real estate market and equipped to provide the best-of-the-best service to their customers, whether they are buyers, sellers, investors or renters here in Manhattan, outside the city and from around the world.”

Barbolla, who joined Level Group in 2015 from Rutenberg Realty and was charged with recruitment, said that Level Group’s 100 percent commission model has proven to be a big draw for new agents. “It’s one of the biggest selling points we have,” he said. “The experience our team brings also ensures that brokers can tap into our expertise and make deals happen. Seasoned brokers don’t have to leave money on the table because their firm lacks the expertise to handle the transaction.”

Barbolla is 25-year veteran of the business while co-founder and general counsel Michael Greenberg has played a leading role in structuring high dollar commercial and residential deals during his 25 years in real estate. Larry Link, president and CEO, has over 20 years under his belt in real estate finance and money management.

While 2016 was a record year,with the brokerage growing to 240 agents, Barbolla said, “In 2017, our aim is grow even more. The door is always open to seasoned brokers who are looking for an agency where they can keep more of their money and receive numerous benefits that aid in the growth of their businesses.”