Level Group Commercial Announces October Spotlight Series: “Inside Information”

Distinguished NYC CRE Professionals Will Headline October 26th Panel Discussion

Level Group Commercial Announces October Spotlight Series: “Inside Information”

Distinguished NYC CRE Professionals Will Headline October 26th Panel Discussion

Level Group, an innovative, full-service commercial and residential real estate brokerage company that introduced the 100% commission model in New York City, today announced that registration is open for its invitation-only event, the Level Group Commercial Spotlight Series: Inside Information. The symposium, which will start with a networking breakfast, will be held at the Wells Fargo Conference Center, 150 East 42nd on October 26 from 9AM – 12:00PM.

Linda O’Flanagan, the managing editor of Real Estate Weekly, is the moderator. Panelists are among New York’s most notable authorities on commercial real estate. They are:

Jon Simon, founder and CEO of Simon Baron, NYC-based real estate developer

Brittany Bragg, COO, Crown Acquisitions

William Scully, managing director for U.S. Investments for Asia Pacific Land

Joseph “JJ” Sollazzo, economist for Costar, NYC’s leading commercial real estate portal; and

Michael Greenberg, CEO and General Counsel, Level Group

“Inside Information guests will get tremendous insight into the panelists’ specialties and key niches in new York’s commercial real estate market,” said Michael Greenberg, CEO and General Counsel, Level Group. “These professionals are at the tip of the spear in their industries. For that reason, attendees are guaranteed an informative and substantive conversation.”

The panel discussion will cover both market issues, e.g., drivers of value, threats to current values, where the NYC real estate market is in the cycle, and, in more personal terms, the panelists’ journeys to their noteworthy career achievements. Panelists will reveal their first big break, the biggest risk they’ve taken, the toughest negotiation they’ve been in and other career turning points. “We believe it will be educational and inspiring to hear these very successful players talk personally about their successes and failures,” said Larry Link, president, Level Group. “One of the best ways to learn is from others, and attendees will be learning from the best.”

The Spotlight Series is part of Level Group’s comprehensive approach to broker education and success training. “The Spotlight Series reflects Level Group commitment both to educating our brokers and to providing leadership to the city’s commercial real estate community,” said Michael Barbolla, COO Level Group. “We see this as a catalyst for advancing ideas and innovative approaches in the community at large.”

Level Group Commercial’s partners in presenting The Spotlight Series: Inside Information include Real Estate Weekly, Costar, Wells Fargo, Asia Pacific Land, Simon Baron Development, and Crown Acquisitions.

Spotlight Series: Inside Information is invitation-only. Seating is limited. Please respond as soon as possible to [email protected] to guarantee your seat.

About Level Group

Founded in 2004, Level Group is a full-service New York City real estate brokerage, handling the full spectrum of real estate brokerage work, including residential and commercial leasing and sales. Level Group’s principals Larry Link, president, and Michael Greenberg, CEO and General Counsel, who also serve as the co-heads of Level’s commercial division, together have more than 40 years of legal, financial and brokerage experience in commercial real estate and have handled billions in office, retail and investment transactions throughout NYC. Michael Greenberg is a well-known member of the New York real estate bar and has played a central role in structuring, negotiating and closing deals worth billions of dollars. President Larry Link was previously part of Merrill Lynch’s real estate investment banking division, where he was involved in numerous IPO and capital market transactions. The first firm in New York City to offer the 100% commission model, Level Group is known for its open door policy with all senior management, strong training programs and an open, flexible platform on which agents thrive. It has attracted more than 230 agents, many from the city’s larger brokerage firms. COO Michael Barbolla, with 30 years of management and marketing experience, handles day-to-day operations of Level Group and heads up the firm’s residential division.

To learn more about Level Group, visit www.levelgroup.com. To learn more about joining the firm, contact Michael Barbolla at 212.994.9965 or [email protected]