Level Group Announces Social Media Innovation Symposium

Level Group Announces Social Media Innovation Symposium



Jennefer Witter


Level Group, an innovative, full-service residential and commercial real estate brokerage company that introduced the 100% commission model in New York City, today announced that registration is open for its invitation-only event: the Level Group Spotlight Series: Social Media Innovation: The Symposium. The seminar, which will start with a networking breakfast, will be held at the Wells Fargo Conference Center, 150 East 42nd on April 11 from 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM. It is open to all real estate professionals in the New York City tri-state area.

Joan Pelzer, Founder/CEO of Joan Pelzer Social, and Jennefer Witter, CEO/Founder of The Boreland Group Inc, will present cutting edge social media strategies for real estate professionals. “This important symposium will equip attendees with the practical skills they need to use social media effectively to advance their business,” said Michael Barbolla, Level Group’s chief operating officer who founded the successful series in 2016.

Barbolla emphasized that the symposium will feature hands-on social media training. For instance, attendees will learn about and then conduct a live Facebook Chat. “Participants can look forward to rolling up their sleeves, getting to work and leaving the symposium with skills they can put to immediate use.” he said. “This will be unlike virtually any other seminar that many real estate professionals normally attend.”

Michael Barbolla_Chief Operating Officer
Michael Barbolla_Chief Operating Officer

The April Spotlight Series event builds on 2016’s highly successful branding session, which drew 125 participants and favorable press coverage. Jennefer Witter, a featured presenter at the branding event, said that the April 2017 event will focus on how agents can use social media to build their brand and “beat back” the competition. “Social media is a great way brokers can get their ‘unfair share’ of buyer and seller attention and I’m eager to share new strategies with the participants,” Witter said. “I’m honored to work with Level Group on this symposium, which has such an exceptional commitment to broker development.”

“It’s never been more important to be on the cutting edge of technology and social media skills are a must have for today’s professionals,” agreed Joan Pelzer, whose digital media company works with many industries and executives to build their social media presence. “Social media is a business-building and development tool. You must be using it – effectively and strategically – in order to remain competitive in such a demanding industry as real estate.”

Barbolla, who since joining Level Group has accelerated and focused the firm’s ongoing commitment to agent development, said the Spotlight Series on social media will provide valuable information that may not otherwise be available to agents. “Few firms are doing this kind of education. Technology is moving so quickly, it’s imperative for agents to take advantage of this opportunity,” he said. “We’re delighted to make the expertise of Pelzer and Witter widely available to our agents and guests.”

Wells Fargo is hosting the symposium and Justin Pfeifer, one of its private mortgage bankers, will give a brief introduction that will touch on new technological developments forthcoming from Wells Fargo. “We appreciate the generosity of Justin and Wells Fargo in hosting the symposium, and look forward to meeting with our colleagues in the real estate industry in such a lovely and convenient location,” said Barbolla.

About Level Group

Founded in 2004, Level Group was the first firm in New York City to offer the 100% commission model. It handles the full spectrum of real estate brokerage work, including residential and commercial leasing and sales. Known for its open door policy to senior management, the firm has attracted more than 230 brokers, many from the city’s larger brokerage firms. Level Group recently launched “Level Group Spotlight Series,” a bi-annual symposium dedicated to educational topics of interest to the commercial and residential real estate community. The program complements its in-depth, ongoing education and training program for its agents.