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A Personal Approach to Real Estate

Feel at home so you can help others find theirs

The Level Group Platform - Working For Agents Since 2004

But don't take our word for it. Listen to what they have to say:

Mukul Lalchandani

Mukul Lalchandani

  • Founder of "The Modern Agent" Team at Level Group
  • Award-winning website, marketing and branding
  • Luxury rentals & sales, new developments

"Before arriving at Level Group, I worked at a few other 'typical firms' and immediately was drawn to the company culture at Level Group. They are not only easy going, but a team of seasoned professionals who help with every facet of real estate, including legal and commercial matters. Most importantly, though, they are ethical; their mantra always is to do what is in the best interests of the client."

Julie Park

Julie Park

  • Creator of "Your Market Update" monthly real estate email newsletter
  • Former investment banker and Ivy League graduate
  • Residential rentals & sales, investment properties

"I specifically chose Level Group not only because of the generous commission structure but also because I loved the idea of building my own business. The structure of Level Group allows you the flexibility to create your own career path while having all of the resources you would at any of the larger firms."

Robert Williams

Robert Williams

  • Co-Founder of the "Brooklyn Plus" Team at Level Group
  • Creator of the efficient BK Team listings management system
  • Brooklyn rentals and luxury rentals & sales, new developments

"Larry, Mike, Marc and Sosa are always there to provide assistance from their vast experience. But more importantly, they are like your friends. Hands down, my experience with Level Group has far surpassed any other experiences I have had with other firms, from help on deals to new ideas for growth, to just sitting down and shooting the breeze. I can’t stress enough the importance of feeling like you are part of family – not just a firm!"

Elaine Moleski

Elaine Moleski

  • Manhattan private client specialist
  • Renovation and redevelopment expert
  • Exceptional service and personal attention

"Level Group is an amazing place to work! Level's President, Larry Link, has an exceptional way of inspiring and connecting with agents, drawing out skills in you that were hidden, helping you to grow and ultimately, giving the confidence you need to succeed. This kind of leadership is irreplaceable and why I love working at Level Group."

How Will You Leverage The Level Group Platform?

Helping our agents make more money, with less headaches, every day

  • Agent-Friendly Commission Splits
  • The Level Group Platform
  • A Place To Call Home

  • The best in the business for both residential and commercial agents
  • 100% commission payout minus a small transaction fee
  • Same-day payments for certified funds or money orders
  • Integrated website tools and information, including listings access, online deal history and customer relationship management
  • Experienced managers for direct support and a comprehensive online knowledge base for self-help
  • Discounted advertising and flexible structure with no quotas or face time
  • Flexibility and independence when you want it, supportive environment when you need it
  • Friendly management and a beautiful office space in a central Midtown Manhattan location
  • Diverse group of agents and teams, upholding our positive reputation within the industry
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Our Managers Are Real People. Seriously.

Get to know us...

Larry Link

Larry Link / President

  • Involved on all sides of residential and commercial real estate for 20+ years as a broker, banker, owner, renter, landlord and developer
  • Loves to help, teach and mentor others in both business and life
  • Works at a 1950's Mad Men style rosewood desk with a hidden bar
Michael Greenberg

Michael Greenberg / CEO and General Counsel

  • Trained as a classical musician; plans to study guitar next
  • Loves anything from Italy and any sport with a racket
  • Enjoys mentoring agents and using 22 years of legal practice experience to help our Level family
Eseosa Eke

Eseosa Eke / Director of Operations

  • Highly enthusiastic about addressing agent needs and inquiries
  • Involved in charity work for 526 children across the Atlantic
  • Plays the piano, sings Jazz, RnB and Gospel; has recorded 2 singles that have yet to be released
Wendy (Weihsiun) Hung

Wendy (Weihsiun) Hung / Director of Corporate Strategy

  • Passionate about creating a shift in people's lives for ongoing success
  • Has lived overseas for more than half her life including Taipei, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. Fluent in English & Mandarin
  • Enjoys travelling the world and playing competitive billiards
Michael Barbolla

Michael Barbolla / Chief Operating Officer

  • Has a gift for growing organizations and loves to help agents grow their business
  • Believes his calling is to help others reach their full potential
  • Avid tennis fan

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