Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

Bill is one of that rare and endangered species – the Native New Yorker. Who better to help you navigate the unique, complex, often nonsensical world of New York City real estate than someone who was born and bred (and owned a successful business) in this great city. Bill has ...

all the characteristics of a true New Yorker – integrity, forthrightness, unflappability and a desire to do whatever he can to get the job done.

After 35 years of success in the NYC advertising world, as the owner of Belkin Studio, a high-end photo retouching service for national and international advertisers, Bill pursued his passion for real estate. His experience in the fast-paced, impossible-deadline world of advertising taught Bill that the key ingredient in a client relationship is trust.

Bill’s real estate clients can count on him to be diligent, enthusiastic and squarely focused on the individual needs of each client. He will make sure the best deal is artfully negotiated and his organizational skills and attention-to-detail ensure smooth transactions. Whether it’s envisioning the potential of a renovation project or making sure that coop board packages are complete and persuasive, clients trust Bill to act in their best interests and get the job done.

Finding an apartment, as difficult as that can sometimes be is the easy part. The hard part comes after a property has been determined. This is where things get intense. No matter how you may think about real estate transactions they are emotional. Negotiating (third party always works best) bridging the gap between sellers, buyers and brokers, keeping emotions in check and bringing the transaction to fruition is where Bill’s value comes to the forefront. That’s what he does so effectively.

Buyouts; landlord offers money to tenants to vacate an apartment in a building that is converting to a condominium are commonplace these days. Bill has earned clients tens of thousand of dollars assisting them to maximize their buyout terms. His real estate savvy has enabled him to acquire, manage and maintain three income properties. But his true love is working with clients to find the perfect apartment (or the perfect buyer). Personal references are available on request.

On a personal note, Bill enjoys spending time with his precious family - hiking, biking, theater, marveling his younger daughters music concerts and his older daughter’s dance performances. He also enjoys long walks in Central Park with his Pitt Bull Lab Terrier Mix, a good game of billiards and an occasional cigar. Bill also is an active contributor and supporter of the Lymphoma Foundation of America, a member of New York Cares, a contributor to the arts and a staunch opponent of Band the Breed legislation.

Real estate is serious business.
If you’re looking for more than a smiling face contact Bill.
You will not be disappointed.

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