Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

A native New Yorker, Tony is the official tour guide to out of town friends and family. His love for the diverse neighborhoods and city history is an asset when introducing Manhattan to his clients. Tony has worked in all aspects of the business. From representing first time buyers and ...

putting them at ease with the process of searching, identifying, negotiating and successfully closing on their first purchase. To the repeat clients that want to upgrade or the investor that moves fast and who is hard to seal the deal, Including foreign nationals, Tony's expertise in assisting, and navigating the complex real estate market has proven to his clients to be an enormous asset.

Tony is an avid reader of real estate publications and having a vast knowledge of the market enables him to cover every aspect of the industry. Having obtained his undergraduate degree in psychology from John Jay College, Tony enjoys educating his clients on New York City history and explaining the difference between a classic six or a Bing & Bing building, to the vast history of the Village and its rich heritage.

He's an avid supporter of the arts, especially the theatre as well as a big fan and practitioner of martial arts and is the proud owner to two beautiful kitty cats he rescued himself.

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