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Searching for a new home can be a daunting task. There is the fear of the unknown and the fear of dealing with a real estate broker who isn’t knowledgeable or has your best interest at heart. That is where Rosemarie shines. Rosemarie Gambetta is a native New Yorker and ...

homeowner herself. She has witnessed the ever changing real estate climate and knows the city and the boroughs inside and out. Her goal is to make it as painless as possible. And the comment she often hears is; “Wow, you really listened to me.”

Fortune 500 companies, mid-sized and startups call on her to help relocating employees find housing, set up banking, apply for social security, driver license and school tours. She will hold your hand until you are settled into your new home while navigating the difficult approval process for those that don’t have US credit history.

Many of her clients are repeat customers. The relationship begins when they rent their first NYC apartment. Then again when they move in with that special someone. When they purchase their first home before they walk down the aisle and again when the family unit expands. These relationships last for years and they continue to send their friends, co-workers and family members to her when they are in the market.

Having worked in the fashion industry, she knows how to spot trends and opportunities. Often her clients have purchased in areas that were poised to appreciate which resulted in profitable return on investments.

Rosemarie is a true professional. Her attention to detail and white glove service provides her clients with peace of mind because they know they are being represented by someone that will protect them and their interests. She is a straight shooter and will give you the awful truth but with a side pie. And if you need a restaurant recommendation, she is your girl.

Specialties: Corporate relocation, expats/internationals, first time buyers, investors
Gary M.
After only looking at a few properties, Rosemarie was able to pinpoint the type of apartment I wanted, and she stayed within my preferences during subsequent searches. She was very adaptive and open to exploring every option I was interested in throughout the search, and when we didn’t end up finding a property for me to buy, she was more than happy to help me find a rental instead. I’ve worked with Rosemarie twice at this point, and both times she’s helped me find a great home without pressuring me into purchasing anything I wasn’t fully satisfied with. I would definitely recommend Rosemarie to others. She knows the city extremely well and is one of the few realtors I know who really accommodate their clients. Working with Rosemarie was a very pleasant experience.
“Rosemarie actually represented the seller when we bought our apartment. We were so impressed with her that we are using her to sell the apartment for us.”

Jochen S.
Working with Rosemarie was quite pleasant. Initially, my wife and I had independently found an apartment through a listing of properties. We met Rosemarie after the first few exchanges with the sellers of the apartment, as she was their listing agent. What was impressive about Rosemarie is that we had been told by a number of the other tenants in the building that the sellers were known to make trouble. They had put liens on the apartment and apparently caused some other problems, as well. Fortunately, Rosemarie took care of all those issues and effectively buffered us from having to resolve them on our own. She was very fair about everything, and even though we weren’t her clients, she treated us like we were. I think what really sticks out about Rosemarie is that she doesn’t fall into the category of real estate brokers who make their clients uncomfortable or pressure them to act too quickly. From the first time we spoke, I felt very comfortable with her. She didn’t exaggerate anything, and she answered all my questions in a straight-forward manner. I could tell that she was honest and trustworthy. I would definitely recommend Rosemarie to friends, family, or even strangers, and because of my first experience with her, I called her again just a few weeks ago when my wife and I decided that we wanted to find a new home.
“Rosemarie does her homework and lays the groundwork for a successful experience.”

John H.
Working with Rosemarie was a really pleasant experience. Rosemarie is a true professional, she does her homework, and she spent a lot of time setting the groundwork and finding a number of options before presenting them to me. At the time Rosemarie and I worked together, condo hotels hadn’t hit the mainstream, but she still knew more about them than any other realtor I’d talked to. While we worked together, Rosemarie stayed within the parameters that I had established regarding the type of property I was looking for, and she never tried to sell me on a location that was outside of the neighborhoods that I wanted. Furthermore, she left all of the important decisions completely up to me without pressuring me in any way. I have already recommended Rosemarie to others, and I would do so again without a doubt. To this day, Rosemarie and I are in contact and continue to search together for suitable properties for me to invest in.
“We were first-time buyers so we needed as much guidance as possible. Rosemarie was always there for us.”

Kate H.
I found Rosemarie to be incredibly generous with her time. Because my husband and I were first-time buyers, we wanted to look at as many properties as possible, which probably would’ve been a huge headache for most realtors, but Rosemarie was very gracious and patient about everything. I would recommend Rosemarie for her patience alone, but she was also very personable and humorous, which helped make the process comfortable and relaxing. Her punctuality helped to further calm the process, since she always returned my phone calls within an hour and gave me honest and truly helpful responses to my questions. From start to finish, Rosemarie was there for us, and that’s what we had hoped to find in a realtor.
“Rosemarie has a high energy level and a thorough knowledge of Manhattan's neighborhoods.”

Greg H.
Working with Rosemarie was a great experience. From the start, Rosemarie had a high level of energy and always made sure I was fully educated about the whole process of buying a home. When I moved to the city, I didn’t know exactly where I wanted to live. Rosemarie started by showing me a range of apartments, but quickly narrowed it down once she understood what I wanted. Her thorough knowledge of each of Manhattan’s neighborhoods was extremely helpful, and she was able to show me what I could afford in each one with the budget I’d given her. I wholly recommend Rosemarie to someone looking to buy a home in the city.
“Rosemarie is an excellent guide to purchasing real estate in the city.”

Matt M.
I found working with Rosemarie to be an extremely positive experience, and I'd definitely recommend her to others. I was a first-time buyer when I hired her, and she did an excellent job guiding me through the whole process of purchasing real estate in the city. She was patient and supportive the entire time, and she ended up helping me find and buy a co-op in Tudor City. I'm very satisfied with my experience with Rosemarie.

Karyl K.
Rosemarie has been my "go to" person for a myriad of years when I have been in the market for NYC apartments. In the volatile New York Real Estate climate, she has her finger on the pulse and has always guided me to the best value for my budget. Her professionalism, expertise and honesty make her a true gem.

Margie W.
Rosemarie is amazing. When I worked with Rosemarie, I had no knowledge of Manhattan. She went out of her way to educate me about all the various areas and my options. She was well prepared and had numerous appointments scheduled, even with last minute details communicated the day before our meeting. I was impressed not only with Rosemarie's expertise, but with her relationships with the agents and brokers. Rosemarie is a true professional and I look forward to working with her again.

John H.
Rosemarie is a very creative and dedicated realtor. I’ve worked with her for 4-years now and she is a true pleasure to work with. She is very passionate about her profession, listens to the client, and embraces new ideas. I highly recommend her.

Kathleen F.
Rosemarie Gambetta was tasked with helping me find an apartment when my company moved me to New York from North Carolina, a seemingly overwhelming task when I had only a long weekend to look at apartments and no real notion of where I wanted to live. Rosemarie's calmness, integrity, patience and fortitude made a deep and favorable impression on me. She is someone I would be happy to work with again.

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