Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Richard is an entrepreneur with over 20 years experience as a property developer/investor and in business. As an owner of a digital marketing agency, he has uncovered underground marketing secrets and possesses exceptional marketing experience with a focus on customer service and technology.

Richard has an excellent understanding on how to ...

leverage social media and online strategies for maximum exposure. Part of his experience in social media includes starting a charity and growing an audience with millions of readers having a subscription base of over half a million within just twelve months. Richard is down to earth with realistic goals and expectations, earning an exceptional reputation in business, and is one of the most sought after consultants.

“The world has changed with mobile apps, virtual/augmented reality, drones, big data, artificial intelligence and soon we can expect self-driving cars to dominate our streets. Most real estate businesses have been using the same methodologies and technologies for decades. I use the most current and up-to-date marketing strategies that reaches beyond physical barriers, into the virtual world for the highest price possible and in international markets where you have little or no competition.

Let's face the facts:
* 90% of buyers start their search for property on the Internet
* 51% of time spend on the internet is through a mobile device
* 80% of internet users use a smartphone
* 90% of time on a mobile is spent in apps
* 56% of consumer traffic to US websites is now from mobile devices

So with these facts in mind, why go with a traditional real estate agent? Lets get together and discuss some of the innovative marketing strategies that I use to help sell your home and stand out from the crowd." - Richard Abraham Sayad

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