A motivated and enthusiastic individual, Richard Aquino has almost a decade experience as a dedicated sales account manager. An expert in buying and selling, Richard is meticulous to detail
and devoted to helping his clients to acquire new products or services that will enable their business to maintain a healthy profit ...

margin. With a strong interest and as deep-seeded passion for real
estate, Richard is now eager to use the skills he has developed over the years, to benefit his real estate customers, by providing a reliable, friendly, knowledge-based and all-inclusive service.

While he is relatively new to the real estate industry, Richards skills in negotiating, buying, selling and serving his clients have been strengthened for almost 10 years. Having now acquired his real
estate license, receiving an exceptional score on his final exam, he is eager to transfer the skills he has developed, along with his newfound knowledge, to serve his clients in the real estate industry.
Eager to continue his own personal development, Richard aims to become an expert in buying and selling real estate, with the view of becoming a real estate commercial broker, handling
international transactions on a global scale. Ultimately, Richards goal is to become a real estate agent that is renowned for being reliable, trustworthy and dedicated to serving his clients.

Throughout his experience Richard has proven his exceptional track record and reliability. Working as a regional sales account manager he was responsible for five accounts, totaling $2.1 million in
sales within a 2 year period. Here, he negotiated prices, terms of sale and service agreements, monitored market activity and liaised with clients regularly.

In his free time, Richard enjoys expanding his knowledge, through reading and listening to audio books related to personal and business finance. With a deep-seeded interest in this subject, his
reading enables him to expand his own abilities and provide a stronger service to his clients.

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