Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Quinton Rushi Brown, a Business Administration and Management graduate and professional, aims at turning complex real estate issues into innovative growth opportunities. He works with various businesses, investors and corporate groups, offering his expertise in Sales, Valuation, and Strategic Planning, helping them decide on better, and more profitable strategies. With ...

more than five years of experience as a Real Estate Consultant, and nine years as a Residential Appraiser and Property Tax Consultant with a license to conduct business in South Carolina and New York, Brown aims at helping his clients enhance their business value, providing a broad spectrum of real estate services.

Quinton aspires to impact lives, with the hope of increasing values and promoting healthy choices. Using solid business relationships, he has gained work experience with realtors, title agencies, appraisers and various tradesmen and women. His vision is to work as a team to produce maximum results with long term advantages. His hard work and dedication has advanced his professional goals as he now owns a estate appraisal firm in two states. Through his ever expanding industry that is now solely focused on real estate; his mission has remained the same: to guide people towards better choices.

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