Just name the type of HOME you are looking for and I will make it happen!
Orhan Chapkanov is one of the most fascinating people in the real estate world. He believes that based on his record in the international trade, he will be able to earn his place as a ...

successful agent in such a dynamic environment. Orhan has successfully graduated from the Academy of Economics in Svishtov, Bulgaria and his major is International Economic Relations. With his extended record in the hospitality business at some of the legendary places in New York City, Orhan believes he has the proper base to reach the next level of customer service and devotion and assure meeting every person's need.

"Winning my Green Card was one of best things that ever happened to me,” he says. "It gave me the chance to compare The Old World to The New World, it gave me the chance to realize what the American Dream is. IT'S pari passu or equal opportunity, and that's what matters".

He handles all matters in an efficient, competent and timely manner so that each transaction is a personal, professional and rewarding experience for everyone involved. Genuine, passionate, and always positive, Orhan is the perfect guide to help you find the home of your dreams-YOUR HOME.

Active Listings

100 West 31st St. 35 Midtown South
$10,000 / per month
41-34 Crescent St. 55 Long Island City
$4,495 / per month
178 East 92 St. 34 Carnegie Hill
$4,195 / per month
315 West 33rd St. 17H Hudson Yards
$4,000 / per month
500 West 29 45 Chelsea
$3,995 / per month
95 Perry St. 18 West Village
$3,600 / per month
300 East 30 35 Kips Bay
$3,395 / per month
1 North 4 34 Williamsburg
$3,395 / per month
561 Tenth Ave. 16G Hells Kitchen
$3,390 / per month

Closed Listings

561 Tenth Ave. 25E Hells Kitchen
$3,350 / per month
410 West 53rd St. 424 Hells Kitchen
$3,295 / per month
410 West 53rd St. 424 Hells Kitchen
$3,275 / per month
45-45 Center Blvd. 2507 Hunters Point
$2,470 / per month