Mufit grew up in Istanbul, Turkey where he studied Economics at Istanbul University. He moved to New York City in 2000.
Prior to entering Manhattan real estate, Mufit worked for several global CPA firms where he held numerous management positions. He specialized in real estate financial audits.
Knowledgeable and precise, Mufit possesses ...

a strong understanding of financial concepts and of current market conditions. His 20+ years of successful professional experience positions him to efficiently manage and maintain the standard of excellence that Level Group demands. He exhibits exceptional professionalism to all customer interactions and is committed to being informative and helpful to all clients with their unique real estate needs.
Mufit connects with his clients by listening to their needs and interests. He educates his clients about their financing, taxes and various benefits of owning or renting a property and leads them to make the best possible decision.
He has spent more than 15 years living in the heart of Manhattan and proudly calls New York City home. Fluent in Turkish and English, Mufit loves the diversity of New York City and embraces its neighborhoods, people and communities.

Active Listings

1065 Second Ave. 19G Midtown Central
$11,916 / per month
200 West 67 St. 18G Lincoln Square
$10,000 / per month
$9,000 / per month
1065 Second Ave. 8CT Midtown Central
$7,990 / per month
1065 Second Ave. 22E Midtown Central
$7,549 / per month
1065 Second Ave. 5T Midtown Central
$7,397 / per month
200 West 67 St. 30F Lincoln Square
$7,100 / per month
1065 Second Ave. 5W Midtown Central
$6,828 / per month
$6,595 / per month

Closed Listings

333 West 57th St. 2E Hells Kitchen
$19,900 / per month
$12,750 / per month
65 East 80th St. 1AB Upper East Side
$7,250 / per month
21-30 44th Dr. 5-P Hunters Point
$5,500 / per month
10 46th Ave. 2 Hunters Point
$5,500 / per month