Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Miho will go the extra mile, above and beyond. Dedicated, detailed and a great communicator, she provides support every step of the way, with aftercare, too.
Miho, born in Tokyo, Japan, has lived in Manhattan, in the West Village and Midtown, for 30 years. She is fluent in both English and ...

Japanese. In her avocation as an equestrian she was an accomplished dressage competitor.

She is a thorough, responsible and conscientious person with a strong work ethic. Her clientele, many of whom come from referrals, will attest to her loyalty, dedication, integrity, honesty and reliability.

In working with Miho you will find that she is not only professional and thorough, but friendly and outgoing as well, and she will represent you with sincerity and perseverance to achieve your goal.

She has experience in residential sales and rentals, as well as commercial. Her dealings have covered not only Manhattan, but also Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, Westchester and Upstate.

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Unsolicited Testimonial 1

Unsolicited testimonial by an owner/client, from a letter sent to Miho’s broker regarding follow-up care she provided many months after the deal was completed:

“Recently my tenant had problems with Con Edison’s extreme billing errors regarding his electrical usage. At that time, upon my request, Ms. Aono intervened on my tenant’s behalf to advocate his cause with Con Edison. She spent an incredible amount of time and effort negotiating with Con Ed and the problem was finally solved in my client’s favor.

Since I met Ms. Aono, the image I always had in my mind of ‘real estate agents’ has changed 180 degrees. It may be rude to say this, but until now I felt real estate agents’ attitude was ‘once received the commission, that’s the end of it’. (Perhaps that’s the norm.) Ms. Aono is completely different. I never knew anyone exists who does that much for her client. I bow my head to her.

Ms. Aono also found an apartment for my employee, and we are very satisfied with the apartment and the service we received.

I am very honored and very happy that I got to know someone like Ms. Aono. Thank you very much.”
— Yukio Yamada

Unsolicited Testimonials 2-6

"...We would like to thank you so much for your extremely thorough follow-up and respectful business ethic. We absolutely would love to work with you in actually finding our first home. We think you're great and appreciate your help and expertise in this process." — Jacinth+Emmanuel

"…We can't tell you enough how much we appreciate you're hard work and dedication in helping us."
— Jacinth+Emmanuel

"...Again, we appreciate everything you have done for us. You've been the only person through this whole process that we were 100% able to depend on to deliver." — Jacinth+Emmanuel

"...We're extremely grateful for all of your continued help and hard work and appreciate everything you have done for us! We're so lucky to have you!!" — Jacinth+Emmanuel

"...We miss you already. We can't say this enough but thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication. We still can't believe we have this new beautiful home and we could have never done it without you. You are simply the best!" — Jacinth+Emmanuel

Unsolicited Testimonial 7

"You set the bar very high. It would be difficult for me to find anybody anywhere who works as hard as you do." — Patrick Sartor

Unsolicited Testimonial 8

"In finding us an apartment, you really took care of us very well. Thank you very much.

Miho's kind, courteous and thorough support, and her appropriate and timely actions were the reasons we were able to get this apartment.

My husband and I are very happy that we were able to get the apartment we really wanted. We are always talking about the fact that without Miho's efforts, realistically speaking it would have been impossible for us. Thanks to Miho's assistance, we were able to attain happiness in New York.

In the past, we experienced several Real Estate Agents, but they were always only interested in our income or if we can pay the rent. They were very pushy and they only showed us apartments that were easy for them deal with.

With this coop apartment, at the beginning it seemed almost impossible to us. There was so much paperwork and we were feeling so overwhelmed by all the obstacles that seemed to be stacked up ahead for us, that at times we felt very discouraged. But every time Miho was always kind and supportive, and she instructed and guided us through. She said to us, it's okay, don't worry -- let's work through it together. Her words, her integrity and her pro-active approach always encouraged us, and inspired confidence in us that we could overcome all obstacles.

When the time came that we passed the interview, my husband, Miho and I were really happy together. Miho was so happy for us as though she had gotten her own apartment.

Miho always put our feelings first, and we appreciate that so much. Even after her job was done, she e-mailed me to say we should contact her if any problem arises. I knew it wasn't just words -- I really feel she has our best interests at heart.

Lastly, we appreciate that we met Miho through this apartment search. Thank you Miho for giving us such a wonderful apartment.

To the many people looking for new apartments, put yourselves in Miho's capable, hard-working hands and wrap yourselves in her warm, caring support." — Yaeko Kato

Unsolicited Testimonial 9-13

"Thank you for your diligent attention to my application… Once again Miho, thank you, sincerely, for taking such time, effort and care. Regardless of the outcome, I would recommend you to any person looking to lease or purchase in New York. I really do appreciate it." — Chris Jordan

"Thank you for your great job this time again… Thank you for your great job catching all errors and having them corrected… Thank you for the great job all the time." — Yumiko Matsumoto

"I just wanted to say thank you. You were absolutely a dream to work with and I had such a lovely experience in the apartment. So thank you." — Alex Odell

"Thank you for all your hard work and attention to the detail. It has been great working with you."
— Kirsten Mackie, WECOSIGN

"Thank you again for all your help. You were amazing. If you don't mind, I'd love to recommend you to my friends if they ever need a rental place in NYC. I'll also stay in touch if we decide to move to NYC for a longer time!" — Inna Volyanska

Testimonial 14

"I bought my first home in May of 2013 and am so grateful that I had Miho to guide me through the process and for her help in finding me my first home.

Upon first meeting Miho, you can tell right away her genuine warmth as a person. It is very important for me to deal with a person whom you can feel really has your best interests at heart. She has always shown me that throughout the whole process.
Miho is very organized and will always try to accommodate you whenever possible. She was very informative and knowing that I'm a first time home buyer she was very thorough with all her guidance for me. I learned a lot from her and will always be grateful for her help.

I highly recommend Miho for all your housing needs, you will surely not be disappointed." — Li Fen Deng

Testimonial 15

“This apartment is really convenient for me. Everything is within just a minute walk and safe even at midnight, and the doormen are friendly and helpful. All features completely fulfill my initial request. I really appreciate your finding this apartment in such a tough and complicated condition as mine! I also appreciate your quick, professional work and long after care, from the rent payment to very personal things. I am really fortunate that I had you as a real estate agent to rent an apartment in the U.S., for the first time.” — Emi Ishida

Testimonial 16

"I first met Miho two years ago when I was looking for a rental in Forest Hills and she had a listing I was interested in. That rental did not work out, but Miho worked very hard for me at that time with personal service and research. I postponed my move to Forest Hills for a year. But as soon as I was ready to start my search again, I contacted Miho because I had had such a good experience with her. I knew that she would give my search the kind of care and attention I needed. And indeed, this time she found me the right property. I negotiated my lease through her and it has worked out well. She is polite, easy to deal with and very professional, and she takes a personal interest in her clients. I highly recommend her." - Dan Jacobson

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