Greetings! My sole priority is to make the process of buying, renting, or selling real estate in New York City as uncomplicated as possible. As we all know, it can become extremely nerve-wracking, primarily with all the information and terms used when securing the perfect living space. I feel that ...

it is imperative to find an agent that one can trust, and who can help absorb the stress that apartment or house hunting can bring. As your agent, I promise to help YOU get the best deal possible, and as quickly as possible. I will treat you as I would want to be treated and will make the entire ordeal understandable and as painless as can be. I want you to leave feeling satisfied, knowing that you got the best deal, and that you created a life-long friend.
As an associate of Level Group, where customer service extends even after you have moved in, I am here to meet all your real estate needs. And as a born and bred New Yorker, I know the city's neighborhoods, subway routes, eateries and nightlife well. I am confident that your perfect living space will be yours quickly and efficiently.
Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any real estate related questions, an inquiry regarding an apartment I have posted, or any apartment in NYC which you are interested in viewing or selling.

Active Listings

559 West 188th St. 53 Fort George
$2,600 / per month
188 Wadsworth Ave. 18 Fort George
$2,500 / per month
44 East 132nd St. 6A East Harlem
$2,400 / per month
44 East 132nd St. 5B East Harlem
$2,100 / per month
245 Wadsworth Ave. 4H Fort George
$2,050 / per month
559 West 188th St. 31 Fort George
$1,850 / per month
$1,800 / per month

Closed Listings

250 South End Ave. 4B Battery Park
720 West 173rd St. 49 Washington Heights
354 West 48th St 2FE Hells Kitchen
119 West 92nd St. PARLOR Upper West Side
$4,250 / per month
90 Stanton St 1B Lower East Side
$3,795 / per month