Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Lee is a real estate veteran specializing in Manhattan rentals, sales, and investments. He began his personal investing immediately after college and owns two investment condos in addition to his primary residence, a co-op in Midtown Manhattan. Even through the recent nationwide housing and economic downturn, Lee has managed a ...

positive cash flow every year he was a landlord and handles his clients' situations as diligently as he would his own portfolio.

As the real estate downturn continues to spread throughout New York City, Lee has taken a keen interest in helping to reduce the steadily rising Manhattan vacancy rates. Lee is a regular contributor to the Rent Hop apartment hunting blog, maintains many relationships with landlords and management companies, and can accommodate renters who insist on seeing only no-fee rentals.

Lee graduated from Phillips Academy in Andover, MA and holds three degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: a Masters of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics, and a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. His highly quantitative background enables him to analyze many practical real estate scenarios for his clients. Whether it involves mortgage financing, tax adjusted carry costs, capitalization rates, or effective rent calculation, Lee is always happy to assist.

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