Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

I have been a Licensed Real estate Salesperson since 2006. Since that time I have had experiences in both rental and sales of residential real estate. My sales experience has happened in condo buildings like the Orion, Atelier and 350 west 50th. As for rental experience it stretches from Brooklyn ...

to Manhattan.

I have also been a landlord of a small property in Brooklyn for over 15 years. That has given me the experiences of qualifying renters and handling repairs in the property.

I also have an understanding of the foreclosure process in NYC. From the pre-forclosure to bidding on foreclosure at the court house my understanding comes from attempting to bid on properties.

Living in Brooklyn all my life has shown me the value of real estate in different neighborhoods rise. So you might catch me walking my dog in Brooklyn or attending an art gallery opening in manhattan. But if you ever need a Real Estate Salesperson don't be shy to reach out to me.

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