Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

Glen is a very versatile individual with an abundance of knowledge in the real estate profession. He is a U.S. Navy veteran with an honorable discharge and obtained the rank of radioman second class petty officer RM2, He is also a single father who raised his son on his own, ...

Glen Jr., who has graduated Lehman College with a business degree. One aspect of Glen's life that he is really proud of is he is living a healthy life style now after losing over 220 pounds recently through a nutritional and exercise program. Glen has held several NYS licenses in recent years like a HVAC engineering license, health and life insurance license, and a fire safety directors license. Real estate has always been a passion for Glen who in 2000 started his real estate career and who is now a licensed Associate Broker with Level Group Inc. In previous summers Glen helped run baseball camps for underprivileged children, umpired baseball games and managed little league baseball. He is also a sports memorabilia collector and an avid experienced numismatic. Glen is also an active 28 year union member of the Local 32BJ on the upper east side.

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