Darrick joined LevelGroup in 2016, bringing along a vast network from his hometown in Greenwich, Connecticut and his alma mater at Cornell University. Having studied engineering and finance, and served as the point person on billions of dollars worth of commercial real estate transactions, Darrick shifted his focus to residential, ...

leveraging his experience to help prospective buyers and renters navigate the unique challenges of the New York City market. Providing a full-range of client services, Darrick will work around the clock to help you find your dream home or investment property, and will handle all of the details of the deal, from financing to negotiations.
Furthermore, Darrick is a pleasure to work with, and according to one of his university professors is “simply a fantastic person.” When not working on multimillion dollar real estate deals, Darrick spends his time playing the drums, mountain biking, driving racecars, and generally living life to its fullest. He will surely make your property search an enjoyable experience.