"Christos uses his strategic thinking and problem solving skills to help New Yorkers find their perfect home. With a background in management consulting and financial markets, he listens closely to his clients’ needs, dives deep into market research, and comes up with suggestions that fit their criteria.

Born in Greece, Christos ...

grew up in construction. His father was a contractor and made sure to involve him from his early teens into all parts of the business – from drafting offers and negotiating deals to working at the construction sites, Christos was his right hand. This time spent together would eventually grow beyond father & son time into a love and passion for buildings & structures.

He graduated from University of Macedonia with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He served the Artillery Forces of the Greek Military and then moved to the Netherlands, where he studied on a full scholarship to earn his Master of Science in Business Analysis & Modeling.

Arriving in New York in 2015, he found himself wandering the streets of Manhattan, admiring in awe of all the construction that was taking place and the unique architecture of each building. It felt only natural for him to pursue a career in real estate and find his way back to doing what he grew up doing so passionately since he was a child."

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