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Meet Our Management


Larry Link
Larry Link
With a widely varied professional career that includes investment banking, photography, property ownership, business start-ups, real estate finance, and money management, Larry's broad experience makes him uniquely qualified to manage the complexities inherent in New York real estate. Larry, who is the company's co-principal broker and President, is actively involved in all areas of the company's direction including business development, branding, advertising, website development and recruitment. In addition, Larry is readily accessible to all the agents for consultation and guidance when needed.

Larry's real estate experience includes a broad range of rentals, sales, finance and development activity. As part of Merrill Lynch's real estate investment banking division, Larry was actively involved in numerous IPO and capital market transactions responsible for raising over $1 billion. His experience includes everything from apartment rentals to commercial leasing to townhouse and development property sales. He has consulted and worked with several large real estate developers on condo and mixed-use projects in both Manhattan and Brooklyn.

As an avid traveler and professional photographer, Larry has visited and worked in over 50 countries worldwide. With an open mind, easy-going attitude and insatiable curiosity, he thoroughly enjoys the challenge of managing Level Group and its entrepreneurial group of agents.
Michael Greenberg
Michael Greenberg
CEO and General Counsel
Michael is a well-known member of the New York real estate bar with years of real estate deal-making experience. During a long career as an attorney with major firms in Philadelphia and New York, and with his own firm which Michael founded in 2004, Michael has played a central role in the structuring, negotiation and closing of deals worth billions of dollars, including a single deal involving 52 major residential rental properties located throughout 14 states. His legal experience includes national office and retail leasing transactions, joint ventures, development projects, property acquisitions and sales, and complex real estate financings.

Michael founded Level Group (under the name Pari Passu) in 2004 in the belief that a real estate brokerage firm offering a simple, agent-friendly fee structure could succeed in New York. Since that time, Michael and Level Group's co-owner and President, Larry Link, have grown Level Group to more than 150 agents and brokers who have closed hundreds of millions of dollars of New York real estate sales and rental transactions. The company continues to grow rapidly.

As a real estate attorney, Michael has brought to Level Group national real estate experience, along with a level of sophistication and a set of skills rarely, if ever, found at other firms. He makes those skills and experience available to the company's agents in his dual role as the company's principal broker and general counsel. Michael also spends significant time advising the company's agents and can often be seen in the halls of the company's Midtown offices talking with agents about their deals and offering advice. Michael's distinctive kindness, accessibility and humor help to make Level Group an enjoyable and rewarding place to work.
Eseosa "Sosa" Eke
Director of Operations
Eseosa “Sosa” Eke is the director of operations at Level Group. Her role involves managing – at both a strategic and operational level – the company’s key frontline functions. This includes company brand maintenance, quality control, marketing and design, agent training, project conception, delivery, planning & coordination, and the development of efficient management processes.

Sosa brings her energy, drive and communication skills to the real estate world with 9+ years in the administrative and business management field where she has worked with large and small firms in a wide array of industries such as event consulting, international non profits and charities, private management consulting firms, law firms and large NGO corporations like the World Bank Group.

Sosa is a firm believer in building and maintaining great business relationships and is dedicated to ensuring that Level group feels just like home for the 250+ agents that she manages daily.

Sosa holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Manhattan College, a Master degree from Villanova University and is a certified event planner. She is also fluent in three African dialects, able to hold colorful conversations in Spanish and volunteers annually for nonprofit schools in Africa.
Michael Barbolla
Michael Barbolla
Chief Operating Officer
Michael Barbolla’s gift for growing organizations and 30 years of management experience make him the perfect fit for the role of Level Group’s chief operating officer. With a well-earned reputation for mentoring and being a resource for residential real estate agents, Michael enjoys working closely with brokers and helping them build their businesses.

As COO of fast-growing Level Group, Michael manages its day-to-day operations and heads up the residential division. In addition, he is the leader in charge of the firm’s public relations program, external relations and recruitment efforts.

Michael comes to Level from with an impressive professional background. His 15 years of real estate experience began at The Corcoran Group, where he specialized in the sale of Manhattan cooperatives and condominiums. Michael then served as managing director at CitySites Real Estate Group where he was responsible for operations of the firm’s downtown office as well as oversight of the company’s agents and support staff. He also headed marketing and recruiting efforts at CitySites.

Beginning in 2006, Michael played an integral part in the establishment of Charles Rutenberg, LLC. Starting out as the general sales manager, and then promoted to the chief operating officer position, he was a prime mover in the company’s rapid expansion.

Michael is an active member of the Real Estate Board of New York, sitting on the association’s managers and membership committees. He holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree from The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY.

Feel free to contact Michal at to learn more about Level and opportunities at the firm.
Wendy (Weihsiun) Hung
Wendy (Weihsiun) Hung
Director of Corporate Strategy
Wendy's passion lies in helping others to reach their maximum potential with whatever goals they have in mind. She is excited to partner with Level Group and its many sales professionals to teach and guide them, helping them to discover an internal passion for rapidly growing their business. She accomplishes this via a systematic exploration of many different strategies, with a focus on maximizing the potential of each person and creating a shift in their lives which, ultimately, results in powerful breakthroughs, improved performance, job satisfaction, and a reliable structure for ongoing success and internal fulfillment.

Wendy graduated from Stony Brook University with a B.S. degree in Computer Science and Applied Math and Statistics. Her career has involved many different entrepreneurial pursuits, including a 7-year background in technology consulting and delivering custom solutions to SMEs. Prior to that, she worked for Citigroup for 4 years, delivering innovative applications.

Originally born in Taiwan, Wendy enjoys travelling the world, having lived previously in Taipei, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. She is fluent in both English and Mandarin. Currently she lives in New York City where she enjoys playing competitive billiards and adventurous dining in the hundreds of NYC's many amazing restaurants.

Wendy looks forward to connecting with you, bringing her passion and commitment to helping anyone who wants to achieve success, excellence and fulfillment in their business and personal lives.